Benefits of Playing Checkers

1. Memory Recall

There are so many potential moves in checkers that it is nearly impossible for any player to know them all. However, playing checkers regularly over time helps players develop stronger memory skills as they develop a “vocabulary” of potential moves and remember the potential outcomes for each move. Their good memory is rewarded by more wins.

2. Concentration

Checkers players benefit from greater strength of concentration. The must learn to focus thinking and make moves efficiently, or else forfeit the game for running out of time. Those who master focus become better thinkers and problem solvers.

3. Sound Judgment

Through trial and error, checkers players learn how to make sound judgments based on the board before them. They learn which moves result in a loss and which ones are more likely to end in a win, creating a basis for making sound judgments.

4. Decision Making

Checkers players cannot be wishy-washy. They must observe the board and make decisive moves intended to gain a certain result. The more games players participate in, the more decisive they become in all things.

5. Problem Solving

The logic necessary to play checkers successfully helps players develop good problem solving skills. When they see the potential moves before them, they must learn to conclude the best strategy logically. This type of thinking helps players solve other everyday problems as well.

Source: Silkroadfoundation